What are primitives?

Primitives are the basic building blocks of the D3M ecosystem. They are typically used as the steps in D3M pipelines, which we define below. Primitives generally represent learnable functions or models, whose logic don't need to be explicitly pre-defined (or coded) but can be learned from inputs and outputs.

Exploring D3M Primitives with Marvin

While developers may often need to implement new primitives to leverage state-of-the-art ML models and algorithms in D3M’s AutoML systems, it’s a good idea to survey the primitives that have been developed by other contributors. A quick and easy way to do this is to use MARVIN, where you can search and filter for different primitives based on problem type, primitive family, keywords, etc.

Should you need to develop/implement your own primitive, a quick-start guide and additional details about D3M’s Primitives interface is provided on the Core D3M Documentation.

D3M Primitive Contributors

Contributors to D3M’s sizeable library of primitives were primarily TA1 (technical area) performers in the DARPA D3M project. This section provides a list of the primitives contributed by these teams, as well as links to their respective repositories.

BYU Primitives

BYU-DML machine learning algorithms or primitives created for DARPA's D3M project. These primitives are wrapped to fit within the D3M ecosystem.

Cornell Primitives

A collection of Cornell primitives with executable examples.

Distil (Uncharted TA1/KUNGFU.AI)

A collection of Uncharted/KUNGFU.AI primitives for the D3M project.

JHU Primitives

A collection of JHU Python interfaces for TA1 primitives in the D3M project.

RPI Primitives

RPI primitives for D3M project. Executable pipelines are included.

ICSI Primitives

ICSI kernel learning and matrix primitives for the D3M project.

ISI Data Cleaning PrimitivesISI Featurization PrimitivesISI Information Regularization Primitives

A collection of ISI primitives for data cleaning and featurization.

BBN Primitives

BBN primitives and pipelines for D3M project.

CMU Find Projections PrimitivesCMU Fastlvm PrimitivesCMU AutonBox Primitives

A collection of CMU primitives for D3M project.

Perspecta Labs Primitives

Perspecta Labs primitives and pipelines for D3M project.

MIT Primitives

Wrapper around the Featuretools library for automated feature engineering for D3M project.

SRI Primitives backend

Developed and maintained by UCSC. Here is a website with more details: PSL (https://psl.linqs.org)

Michigan Primitives

A collection of University of Michigan primitives, with executable pipelines for many.

UBC Primitives